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Power Quality Measurement

Electrical measurements are carried out for the root analysis of issues like detection of unwanted events or malfunctions in facilities, automation systems operating out of plan, electrical component overheating or noisy parts.

Today, errors or losses are higher than ever due to the increase of both frequency converters and DC rectifiers in our network. More so, the installation of more complex and controlled systems has increased sources of malfunction on account of unwanted interactions between electrical components.

Therefore, field work must be carried out with high-speed devices which are more sophisticated than the speed rate of the malfunctions to clearly determine problems. To tackle such problems Ergun Elektrik works with a device capacity that can measure frequencies up to 170 kHz and transients up to 5 kV in LV. With device resolutions of up to 4 MHz, we can detect even the most risky and latent malfunctions and electrical events.

The table below provides an example of the difference detections achieved with the resolution of the devices.

Measurement with 40 khz

Measurement with 4 Mhz