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As the power grids become more dynamic and complex, they surely require better quality solutions that are also dynamic and efficient as well as user friendly. Our purpose is to provide the best solutions for power quality problems and offer advanced technologies to our customers by simplifying the complexity of the necessary devices and the whole process.


Power Factor Correction Systems

Today, a large number of poorly designed power factor correction systems cause bigger problems in the field and have shorter lifetimes than expected. Fuse blows and failures, as well as overheating or burning of the reactors, are among the most frequently observed problems. Other possible problems encountered are capacitor faults, contact stickings of contactors or thyristor faults.

While designing and manufacturing tailor-made power factor correction systems, our company  performs all circuit calculations including correct reactor and capacitor matching, accurate determination of detuning degree of reactors and selection of capacitor voltage. In panel switching; the necessary criteria in contactor or thyristor selection are decided together with our customers. Attention is paid to all details, from the selection of fuses to the correct sizing and ventilation of the panels.

In recent years, besides inductive loads; we also encounter capacitive and single-phase loads in commercial units such as plazas, hospitals , hotels, etc. Our company designs and manufactures IGBT based power factor correction systems for these type of loads. With this design, each phase can be individually compensated inductively or capacitively with response times faster than 1 ms.

Our L.V. and M.V. harmonic filter ( detuned ) reactors each having high linearity ratios, low losses and long operating life that are specially designed and manufactured for the needs of the customers ; capacitors and switching components  imported from our leading European solution partners, take their place in our tailor-made power factor correction systems and detuned capacitor banks.


  • LV Harmonic Filter Reactor
  • Shunt Reactor
  • MV Iron Core Harmonic Filter Reactor
  • MV Air Core Harmonic Filter Reactor
  • MV Inrush Current Limiting Reactor


  • LV Detuned Capacitor Bank
  • LV Thyristor Switching Detuned Capacitor Bank
  • IGBT Based Hybrid Capacitor Bank
  • MV Current Limiting Reactor Capacitor Bank
  • Reactive Power Control Relay

Imported Products

  • LV Power Capacitor – Electronicon
  • MV Power Capacitor – EPCOS
  • Contactor – Benedict
  • Thyristor Switch – Beluk

Power Quality

The most important point to determine the power quality or power quality problems accurately is through the measurement and analysis.

Our company performs; power quality measurement with Class A devices that can analyze sinusoidal resolution up to 4MHZ, resonance analysis up to 170kHz in IEC61000-4-30 Ed.3 standard according to EN50160 IEC61000-2-2 / -2-12 (city network) and IEC61000-2-4 (industrial network), which are the voltage characteristics standards of electricity supplied by general electricity networks.

Recently, many power quality problems are grouped under the title of “harmonics”.

Contrary to what is known; resonance, voltage oscillations, , transients, common mode currents / voltages and EMC are the problems that need to be examined one by one and whose solutions are different from each other.

A detailed power quality measurement study is carried out by our company which enables measuring these problems much faster than the source with harmonic analysis between 2-9kHz and supraharmonics analysis up to 170kHz in addition to harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonic.

These measurement results are analyzed by our experienced technical team, and we offer our customers the most accurate and the most suitable solution  with filters and reactors we manufacture and also with the filters we import from our solution partners, each of which is a world leader in their fields.

  • Harmonix
  • Sinus Filter
  • Line Reactor
  • Load Reactor
  • Smoothing Reactor
  • Sofia – Voltage Controlled Harmonic Filter
  • Resi – Resonance Elimination System
  • Comsys – Active Dynamic Filter
  • Comsys – P200 Resonance Filter

Tailor-made Reactors

Our company designs and manufactures custom reactors according to their function and power. The use of a higher power reactor reduces its effect at the same rate. Ergun Elektrik manufactures tailor -made reactors that will also fulfill its function in permissible overload.

Each reactor impedance is measured by applying nominal and overcurrent. Likewise, a heating test is performed on each reactor. F class 155oC insulation is used, but the heating is measured under B class 130 oC. For minimum loss , the core is produced in pieces with 0.35mm low loss non-oriented sheet metal. The core in pieces does not produce losses in the winding. The reactor is impregnated with H class 180 oC epoxy varnish in vacuum and ovendried to secure the quality of the insulation, to ensure the long operating life and lack of vibration.

  • LV Motor Starting Reactor
  • MV Motor Starting Reactor
  • Neutral Grounding Reactor
  • MV Short Circuit Current Limiting Reactor

Special Resistors

Our company designs and manufactures custom resistors by selecting metal alloy resistance material for each different application.

Steatite porcelain is used in the insulation of resistance plates in order to prevent any malfunction in the resistor. The spiral wire winding technique, which is especially applied in the production of generator neutral earthing resistors, is not used in other resistors we manufacture. Despite the high cost and manpower, flat wire winding and steatite porcelain carriers are used.

  • Braking Resistor
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor
  • Generator Neutral Grounding Resistor
  • Load Bank
  • LV Motor Starting Resistor