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About us

We promise all our clients sophisticated engineering skills and four decades of unique know-how.

Ergun Elektrik is a family business founded in 1980 in İzmir. With four decades of unique know-how and an expert team, we supply efficient and resilient products and engineering services to provide our customers the best solutions in power quality.

Today, with the change in the characteristics of loads, the concept of electric power quality has become more important. Electric power quality can theoretically be defined as a set of electrical parameters and limits that enable all loads fed from the electrical grid to operate without any significant loss of performance or lifespan.

In general, power quality problems are mainly categorised under the title of “harmonics”.

Contrary to common knowledge resonance, voltage oscillations, transients, common mode currents/voltages and EMC are problems that need to be examined individually, demanding different solutions. Our company performs detailed power quality measurements which makes it possible to measure these problems much faster than the source through harmonic analysis between 2-9 kHz and supraharmonics analysis up to 170 kHz and harmonic analysis up to the 50th harmonics. Based on the measurement results analysed by our experienced technical team we offer our customers the most accurate and suitable solutions. These include filters, reactors and capacitor banks that we manufacture and also the filters and products imported from our solution partners, each of which is a world leader in their fields.

Furthermore, Ergun Elektrik designs and manufactures custom reactors according to function and power that will also fulfil its function in permissible overloads and custom resistors by selecting metal alloy resistance material for each different application.

Our strengths including Custom Flexible Production, Advanced Engineering Skills, High Product Quality, Fast Delivery Periods enable us to stand out in the sector and makes us the leading Turkish company in the production of L.V.-M.V. Reactors, Filters, Power Factor Correction Systems and Resistors up to 36kV, exporting products and solutions to more than 30 countries.