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Power quality measurements are carried out to detect malfunctions in factories. However, in some cases, malfunctions occur in variable periods instead of specific periods. The preferred scenario in measurements is being on record when the malfunction occurs which allows us to examine these records to make suggestions or provide solutions accordingly.

This is why, there are cases when malfunctions go undetected in measurements made with mobile devices or serious costs may be incurred due to long-term measurements.

In some cases, the question is about whether the malfunctions in the facility are caused by the network or by the facility itself. Fixed power quality analysers must be used in such cases since retrospective checks cannot be carried out.

For such problems, we recommend class A PQube constant power quality analysers. Their compact design allows easy installation and capability of direct measurements up to 690 V. With the 8-current transformer (2 pieces of 3-phase loads and 1-piece neutral, 1-piece earth) and 14-current transformer (4 pieces of 3-phase load and 1-piece neutral, 1-piece earth) models available it is now possible to simultaneously measure 2 or 4 different loads with a single device.