Power Factor Correction Systems

MV Power Capacitors - Epcos

Operating Data

Type of Capacitor Film, Foil, Oil Impregnated (APP type)
Application Shunt Compensation of Reactive Power
Rated Voltage 1 … 38 kV
Rated Output 50 … 800 kVAr
Rated Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase-Bushing 1Ph-1B, 1Ph-2B, 1P-3B, 3Ph-3B, 3Ph-4B
Connection 1 Phase, 1 Phase Twin, 3 Phase Delta, 3 Phase Star


  • IEC 60871, IS 13925


Di-Electric Polypropylene Film (APP Type)
Electrode Aluminum Foil
Impregnant NPCB Oil
Protective Enclosure Mild Steel (CRCA), Stainless Steel (SS409 / SS304)
Bushing Ceramic
Discharge Device Metal Oxide Film Resister
Paint Epoxy Based, Light Grey 631 of IS 5***


Element End Connection Soldered Type
Fuse Type Internal / External
Discharge Device Internal Resistor
Container Sealing Hermetically Sealed


Insulation Class Y
Protection Class IP00
Cooling ONAN
Application Duty Indoor / Outdoor
Temperature Category – 20/-5/0 °C to +45/+50/+55 °C
Capacitor Unit Losses ≤ 0.2 Watt/kVAr at 25°C After Stabilization
Discharge Time 300/600 seconds
Residual Voltage Less than 50/75 V